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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting the Daina Penn Design website. I hope you enjoy looking at my design projects while you're here. Below is a short bio so you can get to know me a little better.

I grew up in Longmont, CO and have worked in the Denver area for over 25 years as a graphic designer and design consultant. Along with my passion for design, I love music, cooking, traveling to other countries and hanging out with friends and family. I love visiting local markets in foreign countries. My love for package design comes out when I visit these markets! I could literally stand there for hours, looking at the different packages, designs, fonts, and colors.

I am a creative through and through and enjoy being creative in every area of life. Whether I'm writing and illustrating a new story for a children's picture book, creating a brochure for a new client or developing an awesome package design for a new product, strategic creative design is what I was put on this earth to do. My vision statement is simple, "Attract the customer by designing to sell." I design with the customer in mind. Good design should have the ability to draw in your customer, educate them on what you do and who you are, and give them the opportunity to choose you over the competition.

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